Serialization Engraving Macro

This macro will engrave a numeric value that increments each cycle.



H = Height of text
E = Number to engrave, range 0-999
F = Plunge feed rate
D = Cutting feed rate
R = Rapid level
Z = Cutting depth

Position the tool at bottom left hand corner of the left most character.

In the sample program #500 is used as the input for ‘E’ and is incremented by 1 every time the program is run. You can substitute this with any value. For example #500=#500+10, will increment the number engraved by 10 each cycle.
Set #500 manually to the first number to be engraved, of course you can change this to any value you wish to start from. This is especially handy when you scrap a component and need to step back a number.

To engrave a number larger than 999, create the numbers to the left with the Standard Engraving, then position the numbers to increment to the right. As the incremented numbers change they will expand to the right.


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