Full Feature List

Feature Description SharpCam 2.5D SharpCam 3D SharpCam 3D Pro
Solid Verification Advanced Polygon Model based integrated toolpath verification tick tick tick
Pocketing Advanced pocketing with unlimited number of pockets and islands tick tick tick
Drilling Drilling, pecking, boring, reaming, tapping, rigid tapping and custom drilling cycles tick tick tick
Thread Milling Helical Entry/Exit arc and or line tick tick tick
3D Roughing Z level roughing of Solid/STL Models tick tick
Parallel 3D Finishing Finishing/Semi finishing of Solid/STL Models by means of parallel passes in the XY plane tick tick
Z Level 3D Finishing Finishing/Semi finishing of Solid/STL Models by means of Z level passes tick tick
3D Constant Cusp Creates an equidistant cut pattern on the machining surfaces. The aim is to have a constant distance between each pass so that the cusps created will have the same height tick
Projected 3D Curves Project contours onto model
Project radial pattern onto model
Project spiral pattern onto model
Project offset curves from give contour
3D FlatLands Machine true flat areas of the model with passes that are offset segments of the flat area boundary tick
3D Pencil Automatically detects inlaying edges. A single tool path will be created along these edges tick
Rest Rough/Finish Machine remaining material left by a previous larger tool tick
Adaptive roughing strategy Ensures that the cutting conditions remain almost constant, which offers great improvements compared to conventional constant offset roughing strategies tick
Pilot Drilling Specify previous drilling operation to be used for entry points tick
Gouge Check Specify Models to be avoided tick
Material Stock Containment 3D machining is based on supplied Material Stock. Used for pre-cast or pre-machined stock tick
Silhouette Containment Limits the machining area by the silhouette of the machining surfaces tick
Ramping and Lead In-Out Defines the lead-in motion for the 3D Roughing. Defines lead-in/out motion for all other strategies tick
Arc Fit Convert where possible, linear moves to arcs for 3D strategies tick
Adaptive Feedrate Automatically adapts the feedrate depending on the tool engagement volume in the material tick
Explode Explode model such that each face is a model tick
Tool Management Create tool libraries/tool kits with the Tool Manager, edit, copy and move tools tick tick tick
CAD 2D CAD creation tick tick tick
Dimensions Dimensioning: Smart Linear, Horizontal, Vertical, Aligned, Diameter, Radius, Angle, Coordinate and Note tick tick tick
Rearrange Operations Operation can be reordered by drag and drop tick tick tick
Entry/Exit Line and or arc entry/exit, linear and helical ramp entry tick tick tick
Transforms Move, copy, rotate, mirror and scale contours along with associated toolpaths tick tick tick
Simulation 3D tool simulation. Solid, translucent or wireframe animated tool display tick tick tick
Context Snapping End, mid, centre, quadrant, tangent, intersection, perpendicular and parallel snapping tick tick tick
Modify Contours Advanced fillet, trim, extend, split and explode tick tick tick
Text Create text outlines from fonts installed on the system (TrueType etc). Outlines can then be machined tick tick tick
Text Follow a Contour tick
Single line engraving fonts Create single line text for engraving using SharpCam type fonts. tick tick tick
Sub Routines Output multiple passes using Sub Routines. i.e. M98 PNNNN for Fanuc, Labels for Heidenhain, or whatever form sub routines take on the control. Reduces program size tick tick tick
Insert Insert an existing SharpCam file or any supported CAD file into an existing tick tick
Extract Geometry from Solid Model Extract Contours from Face, Extract Contours from Loop and Extract Contours from Edge commands for feature extraction tick tick
Align Solid Model Align model face to XY plane, Align to Edge and Flip Model 180° commands to assist in model orientation tick tick
Use defined fonts Create custom design fonts. tick tick tick
Multi Document Interface Open unlimited number of Parts within one instance of SharpCam tick tick tick
Cad File Translations AutoCad - dxf and dwg, stereo lithography - stl tick tick tick
STEP and IGES tick tick
Undo/Redo Unlimited undo/redo tick tick tick
Viewing Dynamic panning, zooming and rotation with middle mouse button/wheel tick tick tick
Hidden Line Connection markers help identify hidden lines tick tick tick
Machine Developer Edit Machine Definitions (post processors) with the Machine Developer using Visual Basic.Net tick tick tick
RS232 Built in RS232 communication tick tick tick
Nc Code Editing Free Nc code editor with built in RS232 communication - SharpEdit tick tick tick
Calculator Use any combination of +-/* in an input box to calculate any value tick tick tick
Operation Suppression Suppression of any/all operations to prevent Nc code generation tick tick tick
Layers Create and manage layers tick tick tick
Cycle time Test 'what if' scenarios tick tick tick
Updates Automatic self-updating to the latest version during allowed period tick tick tick