Machine Definition Configuration

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Machine Definition ConfigurationThis technology allows Machine Definitions (post processors) to be simply configured specifically for a machine/control. This is basically an interface that displays properties specific to a machine/control. By changing a property the Machine Definition is actually being edited without the need to learn how to use the Machine Developer. The power of this technology lies in the fact that we are able to make a single Machine Definition suitable for a wide range of machines/controls. For example, we only supply one Fanuc Machine Definition that is configurable to suit any machine in a matter of seconds. No other CAD/CAM software has this technology.

The technology that displays the configurable properties is actually contained in the Machine Definition, so it is very transparent and is documented in the Machine Developer Help file.

Machine Definitions are maintained by us and, unlike the competition, we are not interested in charging you, the customer, for modifying them to suit your machine. We take the Machine Definitions we supply so seriously that they are in fact versioned.
See Machine Definitions for the latest versions available.