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User InterfaceThe first thing you will notice when using SharpCam CAD/CAM software is the lack of dialog boxes obscuring the view when inputting data. Docked to the left hand side of each Part is the Part Manager, here you can completely manage all aspects of SharpCam, while still being able to change the view at any time. SharpCam uses Microsoft's DirectX technology for high performance graphics, ensuring flicker free operation. This is hardware accelerated graphics, unlike some systems that use very slow graphics that cause flickering when changing the view. You will certainly not find a Redraw command as this is taken care of automatically.
With DirectX we have been able to implement dynamic view changes, like panning, zooming and rotation, all with the middle mouse button.

Hundreds of thousands of objects can be displayed with no noticeable drop in performance. This, combined with some of the fasted toolpath creation routines available, allows the view to be updated instantly. Rather than wondering what the consequences of your actions are, you can see the results immediately.
There is no need for pictures illustrating what a particular command does, just do it and see what really happens in the context of what you are doing!