Cable Connections

We have successfully used the connection details below.

Machine End Pin No
DB 25 connector
Computer End Pin No
DB 9 connector
1* Do NOT connect
2 2
3 3
7 5
4 and 5 linked together
6, 8 and 20 linked together

*There should be an uninsulated wire between the outer jacket and the foil shield. Connect this wire to pin 1 at the machine end only. Never connect to pin 1 at both ends or a ground loop can occur.

Suggested Machine Settings

To change settings

  • Press SETNG/GRAPH.
  • Scroll to RS232 setting or enter '11' and press the up or down arrow.
  • Highlight the setting to change using the up and down arrow keys.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to change the value.
  • Press ENTER to apply the change.

Suggested Parameters settings:

Parameter Number Description Recommended Value
11 Baud Rate 9600
12 Parity Even
13 Stop Bits 1
14 Synchronization XOn/XOff
24 Leader to Punch None
25 EOB Pattern CR LF
37 Number Data Bits 7

SharpEdit Settings:

Fanuc 10-15 Settings

How to send and receive

Sending to machine

  • At the machine press the LIST PROG key.
  • Using the arrow key select ALL.
  • Press the RECV key.
  • At SharpEdit press the button to send the Nc code.

The Haas control does not support Start Sending From Machine.

Receiving from machine

  • At SharpEdit Press the button and SharpEdit will be waiting to receive.
  • At the machine using the arrow key, select the program you want to send. You can also select ALL to send the entire contents of the memory.
  • Press the SEND key.
  • At SharpEdit, when Bytes Received has stopped increasing, press the Finished button.